Customer Service

Returns and Exchanges


See Warranty Information about acceptable conditions for returning merchandise.


If you purchased your Truescore equipment through an authorized reseller, please contact your reseller for warranty and exchange service. 

For returning or exchanging merchandise, a "return material authorization" RMA number is required.

To get an RMA number please contact Truescore via email at

Include in your email:

- In the subject line include the acronym "RMA"

- Original order number (if you have it)

- The full name and phone number used originally to order your product

- Description and or SKU of the item or items that need to be returned or exchanged 

- Reason for needing return or exchange

- Indicate shipping method required (FedEx Ground, Express, 2-Day, Next Day)

You will be contacted by phone or email within 1-2 days of your request. You will receive an RMA number and instructions about how to return the merchandise for repair, replacement, or exchange.